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Today's Video Features:

How you can train in a career to earn $1000 a day as a Court Qualified Document Examiner... in our international program.

Video Overview of the
Forensic Document Examination Program


Watch the videos below and meet some of your future mentors and teachers.


Bart Baggett - President of The International School of Forensic Document Examination

"What is it like to be a professional forensic document examiner?" with Bart Baggett and Faculty.

In the videos below you will...

Attempt to solve the Zodiac Killer Murder case using actual suspect's samples. See seminar footage.

Watch Bart Baggett's segment on America's Most Wanted on that aired on Fox TV worldwide.

View the seminar attendees most common questions and get an overview of the program and the forensic document exam business. (View Now)

Learn how much money you can make, how much time you need to devote, and what your typical client case involves.


It really is like CSI and you get to help people! Listen as Beth Chrisman and Co-Founder Bart Baggett tell you what it's like to attend the Forensic Document Examination Program.

Find out how you can have a career as a Court Qualified Forensic Document Examiner & Expert Witness in Forgery Detection and the answers to these important questions...

How much time does it really take to graduate?

Do you normally work in civil or criminal courts?

How soon can you begin making money as a document examiner?

How long does the program take to become certified?

Running Time 23minutes

Watch the TV show Bart was featured in reating to his research about the zodicac killer.
Now, join Bart at the conference as he "wraps up " the true story of his involvement with the Zodiac Killer.

Running Time 5:13 minutes

Now, join us at a live conference as our faculty members discuss the career of forensic documente examination and answer common questions.

Watch this video if your seriously considering joining the school.

P.S. Good news... The deposit is now less than the amount mentioned in the video.

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Running Time 19:44 minutes

I'm interested , show me the application and the curriculum, now.

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Not only will you earn while you learn, once you get to module 5, we'll teach you how to market and promote your new business. If you choose the "Career Track" you'll have the opportunity to link to our internet website with over 10 years of established web presence which will get you leads and business. We're also developing a community of experts and a case referral program to get you on your way to becoming a SUCCESSFUL Court Qualified Document Examiner & Expert Witness in Forgery Detection.


Call and ask any question to our Faculty Members or listen via the web.

Join us for a live "Document Exam School Preview Call" Question and Answer session coming soon.

Visit here to submit questions early and listen via telephone or webcast internationally. Get call in details here.

Check http://www.time.gov for time zones.

If you are thinking about a change of career or adding a new skill to your resume, the highly paid and sought after ability to detect forgeries and be a valuable expert witness is full of benefits you might not even be aware of. Check out our information page at....

Forensic Document Examination Program

When you decide this is the career for you or if you have questions about the program...

Please feel free to contact us at. 1-877-297-4846 or internationally 214-534-4233


Here's what Professor Don Lehew and Document Exam Student, Sharon Hampton have to say about the...

Forensic Document Examination Program....


Bart Baggett, President
Beth Chrisman, Curriculum & Administration
International School of Forensic Document Examination


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