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Written by: Travis King

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Travis King

edited by Linda Hodges


Write the predator off before you’re the prey with handwriting.

I know what you’re thinking…  

He was sooooo cute and funny… 

He listened to me.......

I really felt a connection........”  


You’ve probably heard a girlfriend tell you the same thing, many times!  
But what if I told you that he is a sociopath, a sexual predator, and you 
are just another “conquest”?  Would you still think he’s cute and funny 
and sensitive?  


Or would you run like hell?

You see, I’m writing this to save you, from harm, rape, an STD, or possibly
death.  Let’s not even get into the emotional aspects of ANY one of these possible consequences.  Before I became a grapho-therapist, or handwriting analyst, I tended bar for nearly ten years.  

And ladies, I’ve heard every line there is… 

I’ve seen every scumbag just looking to score out there.  You probably have too.  And I’m tired of it.   Most of the time you can tell simply by what a guy says, exactly what he is after… 

But what if you could tell, within the first five minutes, that the good-looking, charming guy who appears safe, was just simply out to get you in bed, not taking “NO” for an answer?  That without the writing sample and tips I’m giving you, you could wind up another notch on this guy’s headboard, or maybe in the hospital?  How valuable to your life would this information be?


You can see that this is written on a simple note pad.  


It reads: “I said you and your silly monkey do not go home to the zoo.”  


I’m going to show you, ladies, how you can effectively and in seconds tell that this guy is depressed, paranoid, A LIAR, physically aggressive and persistent, defiant, apathetic to any kind of rules, and may have had a vasectomy.  He is also a smooth talker with a more than large sexual appetite and imagination.  Sound like a nice guy still?  He can sell snow-cones to Eskimo’s, as they say. 

First of all, his writing almost falls off the note, down to the right.  This shows he is depressed.  What, ladies, would make a man feel more like A MAN, than a woman for the night?  After all, we all know about the fragile male ego, right?  

Be nice ladies…

Second, the loop in his “d” on the word “and” is so large that he has gone from simply insecure, to absolutely paranoid!  He REALLY needs to feel better about himself.  Do you want to help him? 

Thirdly, this guy has more lying loops in his “o’s” in one sentence than Ted Bundy did in a whole paragraph!  He’ll say anything to go home with you.

Now then, I could go on, telling you what a “catch” this guy is and how many more “hell traits” this guy has in ONE SENTENCE or you could take matters into your own hands and learn just a few simple lessons.  It could save your life, your heart, or someone you care about.  There are many points I didn’t cover here that jump right off the page.  

If you visit www.handwritingwizard.com you can analyze your own or some one else's handwriting.

If you visit myhandwriting.com or handwritinguniversity.com you can learn how to do the analysis on your own and become certified.

Ladies, this handwriting sample is from an actual guy, in an actual bar, hitting on an actual girl.  

I looked at her handwriting first.  She was beautiful, intelligent, had a great sense of humor, and new in town.  She was just waiting for her friends to arrive when this guy swooped in with his jokes and his tan and his smile.

When I saw the sample of his handwriting that I’ve shown you here, I put on my best poker face.  I was horrified.  When I asked him, jokingly, if he’d had a vasectomy, he got very quiet and of course, lied to my face.  That, along with the “blind persistence” that I saw, told me that he wasn’t going to stop until “Michelle” went home with him.

This information is so accurate ladies, that when it was time for "Michelle" to leave, my friends and I decided she couldn't be allowed to leave alone with him.  This guy leaned in to my friend and I, another handwriting expert and my mentor, Bart Baggett (you can see him on T.V.) and told us BOTH, INDIVIDUALLY that if we told "Michelle" anything that would prevent him from getting laid, he would "kick our asses".

Quite compelling to my case, don’t you think?  At any rate, we skillfully detained him with a handshake and “nice-to-meet-you-buddy” while our female friend physically took “Michelle” outside and away, and told her to run.  “Michelle” did and is safe from this guy.… 

  Visit Travis' website www.handwritingexpertking.com


Learn to do what Travis did by joining us on Jun 21-25 and leave certified.


Dear Bart and Curtis,

Thank you. There is no way to fully express my gratitude for this seminar. I think it came at just the right time. I am very excited that I will be able to help people. I have finally found my niche.

Anyone considering taking this course, should stop considering it and DO IT! I’m thrilled in knowing I go home with so much more than ever before.

Kim Brown, Private Investigator
Hyde Park, Utah, USA




Bart Baggett, Author and Lead Trainer
Maryann Redhead, Director
admin @ myhandwriting.com

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