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Should You Change Your Down turned Y?

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In this edition...

Should You Change Your Down turned Y?

by Bart Baggett

edited by Linda Hodges


1. FEATURE VIDEO SEGMENT: Handwriting Analysis Video Series: Should You Change Your Down turned Y?

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Should You Change Your Down turned Y?

by Bart Baggett


Yes! This is one of the top four things I recommend people change to improve their quality of life.

It's right up there with raising your "t" bar for higher self esteem, closing the loop in your "d" for less sensitivity to criticism and closing the gap in the bottom of your "t" or "d" for less stubbornness.

Take a look at the grapho-deck card for the down turned "y" below.

See how the writer makes a u-turn before they ever cross the base line. It's as if they never crossed the finish line isn't it?

If you have a down turned "y" in your handwriting, practice bringing the lower loop back up and across the base line every time you write it to eliminate your fear of success.

People who have this trait often tend to put projects off without finishing them and always wonder why. By changing this stroke you will begin to complete projects with ease and ultimately feel a sense of satisfaction with each success.

Now, watch this video segment taken from the Handwriting Analysis Certification Course...where I cannot stress enough how important this stroke is in everything from hiring to self-improvement.

You do want to enjoy success don't you?

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Carlo Pineda
Los Angeles, California

Barbara Judd

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Maryann Redhead, Director
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