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Make $100 an Hour Analyzing Handwriting

Date 9/22/2006


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3. STUDENT TESTIMONIALS: "I have already seen and experienced wonderful changes through grapho-therapy. People at work now seek me out as an expert in my field, and I have have many recent offers to manage important projects. All this happened in about a month from first raising my t-bar!"
—Diane McCafferty Engineer, Sandy Hook, CT

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"Money doesn't buy happiness - but it sure makes shopping easier." - bumper sticker

"Do what you love, and you'll never 'work' a day in your life." -my Grandpa Fred

Make Big Money Analyzing Handwriting

Co Authored by Bart Baggett & Taylor Morgan

edited by Linda Hodges

One of the more frequent questions I'm asked about doing handwriting analysis is, "What got you into this?"

The first emotion was just pure CURIOSITY about myself and how I can change my life. But the thing that turned it from a hobby into a passion was the money. The (shallow) truth is, I started seriously studying the science when I realized I could earn $100 an hour - or more.

Now, I'm sure there are lots of other jobs that pay as well. Brain surgeons, for example, make some pretty good dough. But I eliminated that from my job prospects long ago. It is very gratifying to be a handwriting expert: the insight into people, the thrill of successfully entertaining, clients' amazement at results, and the joy of helping others improve their lives.

But better yet, I make GREAT money doing it. It's not just me - all of our students have the same opportunity to earn money - and they are!

If you are a graduate of Handwriting University, congratulations.  You now have the opportunity to work for yourself earning a great living doing work that is fascinating and fun.

If you are considering taking the certification course, but haven't quite made the commitment, here are a few good reasons why it is well worth the investment.

There are several areas in which you can apply your knowledge as a Certified Handwriting Analyst.

These include: 

DOCUMENT EXAMINING: Examine documents (contracts, checks, etc) to detect forgery.

ENTERTAINMENT: Handwriting analysis is great as "intellectual entertainment" for parties, special events, corporate meetings, and trade shows.

EMPLOYEE SCREENING: Evaluate job applicants, to determine the right fit for the position - and weed out the whacko!

JURY SELECTION: More and more, attorneys are utilizing handwriting analysts to pick the members of a jury.

PERSONALITY EVALUATION: Useful for single people in choosing compatible partners, and couples for improving communication.

GRAPHO-THERAPY: Help people improve their understanding of themselves, change bad habits, or strengthen positive ones.


Did you know Handwriting University publishes the ONLY marketing course designed for handwriting experts to market their services and earn $100 more per hour? It is available right now to any student or trained analyst or as a part of our deluxe home study course.

In this edition of Weekly Strokes, the first issue in a 3-part series,
we'll take a look at the ENTERTAINMENT aspects of handwriting analysis.

Sylvia Tooker was one of the first graduates of Handwriting University, in 1995. She charges $100 an hour to do handwriting analysis at parties, corporate events, etc. and her clients include Fortune 500 companies such as Frito-Lay and Sprint.

She began marketing herself by simply looking through the Yellow Pages, and contacting event planners. Sending flyers and brochures wasn't effective, so instead she began contacting them directly: she'd make an appointment, go to the office, and analyze their handwriting. "It totally amazed them, and they couldn't wait to throw it into their parties."

Sylvia is one of our most successful graduates in the circuit of doing live analysis for entertainment.

Follow-through is also important, in establishing an ongoing relationship with event planners. "Every year, I touch base, if I haven't heard from them in awhile. Keeping your name in front of people is necessary, and giving them ideas they might not have thought of before."

She finds that the work is seasonal: the Christmas holidays are always a busy time, and she also sees a jump around prom time, when she's booked for after-prom parties.

Sylvia has done handwriting analysis for events ranging from 10 people at a family gathering, to big corporate events. She also volunteered her time at charity fund-raisers, which brought her referrals for larger venues - including a trade show where Sprint was promoting its new teleconference system.

While she sat in the main Sprint office in Dallas, customers in the trade show booth had their handwriting analyzed via teleconference, with 2-way picture enabling them to see each other. Handwriting Analysis isn't Sylvia's main career; it "began as a hobby, and then I decided to use it to make some money." For her, it is "additional income without too much effort."

She adds that there is tremendous income potential, "If people really get out there and market."

You can learn more about Sylvia from her website.  

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"Bart is the real deal!
I recommend him anytime to anyone. "

Nordine Zouareg Mr. Universe


"If you're at the point where you want to change your life, this course is a must! You'll learn more about yourself and other people than you ever thought possible, and you'll make money in the process."

—Jennifer Jeffcoat Sales Rep, Orlando, Fl


I found your material Excellent. It is everything you promised and then some...

Yours sincerely, "Graphologist in the making" Cristiano Silei



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Maryann Redhead, Director
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