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Today's Audio Feature:

"It's none of your business what other people think."

Stubbornness & Sensitivity to Criticism

Handwriting University's Weekly Strokes Newsletter
Written by Bart Baggett, President of Handwriting University
Edited by Holly Hartz


In this edition...

Bart and Curt Baggett Discuss:

Stubbornness & Sensitivity to Criticism

"It's none of your business what other people think."


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Stubbornness & Sensitivity to Criticism

Are you stubborn or sensitive to criticism...maybe even both? These are two personality traits you may want to consider changing using a technique called graphotherapy. Listen to this lesson from the Handwriting Analysis Certification Course as Bart and Curt Baggett discuss the definition of these two traits and how they can hinder your life and your happiness.

Think it's okay to be stubborn? Not when you want to understand someone else's point of view. Take a look at the graphodeck card for stubbornness....

Do you have this trait in your handwriting?

What about sensitivity to criticism? Wouldn't it be liberating to no longer worry about what other people say or think? Besides...it's not your business what other people think!

Check your handwriting for loops in your lower case d and t....

Now....listen to what Bart and Curt have to say and find out more about these two important traits. You may even recognize the need to adjust your own handwriting....

Play Audio Here!

If you find stubbornness or sensitivity to criticism in your handwriting or if someone you know is struggling with these traits, I highly recommend the workbook Change Your Life, Change Your Handwriting! You'll be amazed at how simply changing a stroke can have a profound effect on your personality and your happiness in life.

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If you're new to handwriting you'll be inspired by how much impact you can have on your own and other people's lives with your skills as a handwriting analyst.

Check out the 2006 Deluxe Handwriting Analysis: Level 3 Certification Home Study Course and see how quickly you can get started today.

Certification Course: Level 3

The Deluxe Handwriting Analysis Level 3 Certification Course gives you all the tools you need to begin analyzing handwriting right away and to continue learning about handwriting, personality and positive change. This course includes the graphodeck, the graphotherapy workbook, CD's, DVD's and Bart Baggett's Book entitled Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy.

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Looking for another way to learn more about the many traits that can be found in your handwriting and how they can impact your life?

Join us for the 2006 International Handwriting Conference in Dallas, Texas....

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Plus, you won't want to miss our upcoming TELECLASSES this month where you'll get a sneak preview of the handwriting analysis experts we've assemble for this years conference.

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Amazing, isn't it?

But can handwriting analysis be this accurate...all the time?

See for yourself.

Use the handwriting wizard online test to analyze your own handwriting sample or better yet a sample from someone you already know really well...and see for yourself just how accurate graphology really can be.


The Grapho-Deck

Want a quicker way to get started....lots of our students start with the best tool ever created for memorizing traits and getting up to speed...the Grapho-Deck by Bart Baggett. With over 50 trait cards you can learn in a flash and even take them with you to your next event. And don't worry, no one will mind that you're using cards....they'll be having so much fun learning with you....they may even want a deck of their own.

Check this out....

Each card of the graphodeck gives you an example and description of the stroke, the personality trait and a brief description of the corresponding behavior.

Here are a few more sample cards to peak your interest in the graphodeck.....

Just click on any of the cards above to go to the graphodeck website!!!







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Dear Bart and Curtis,

Thank you. There is no way to fully express my gratitude
for this seminar. I think it came at just the right time. I am
very excited that I will be able to help people. I have
finally found my niche.

Anyone considering taking this course, should stop
considering it and DO IT! I'm thrilled in knowing I go
home with so much more than ever before.

Kim Brown, Private Investigator
Hyde Park, Utah, USA

Come for your own life changing experience:



Bart Baggett, Author and Lead Trainer
Maryann Redhead, Director
admin @ myhandwriting.com



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