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Do You Desire Culture?


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1. FEATURE SEGMENT: Desire for Culture, audio by Bart Baggett

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Desire for Culture

I don’t see this trait often, but it does show up in handwriting once in a while. I have noticed that the “delta d” indicates a literary flair. I meet many writers, and I see many, many of them who write with this “d.” Desire for culture would be sort of an interesting metaphor for people who tend to be more well-read, they are purveyors of opera or society and are very articulate. They tend to be on the cutting-edge of society and very, very educated.

The “Greek E” is another letter that indicates desire for culture. These two letters can also indicate someone who prefers things outside of the ordinary. These traits can sometimes be difficult to define in metaphors, but you can always learn more from our Home Study Courses about evaluating and combining traits. http://myhandwriting.com/order/catalog.html

This audio clip is one small section of our entire DVD/ CD home study course.

Each card of the Graphodeck gives you the stroke, the corresponding personality trait and a description of the behavior and sometimes clues to a metaphor. It's a good idea to come up with several of your own metaphors for each of the basic strokes when discussing personality. It can only help you to become a better handwriting analyst.

If you or someone you know would like to change a negative personality trait, I highly recommend our workbook Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life! You'll be amazed at how simply changing a stroke can have a profound effect on yours or your child's self-esteem, productivity, confidence, even your ability to take criticism.
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Comments From Students

Dear Bart and Curtis,

"I teach a variety of handwriting analysis classes and I always have my own grapho-deck available for the students to look at, plus additional ones for sale. The grapho-deck is a required resource in my 6 hour 'introduction' class which meets for 2 separate evenings a week apart. Your deck is an incredibly well designed product that gives the students a practical tool they can begin using right away. Plus, at the same time they are learning the traits, they are also beginning to learn how to do a simple analysis. We refer to the cards extensively during class, and their assignment for the week between the two sessions is to use the cards to analyze one of the samples provided in the first session. They're always amazed at how easy the deck is to use and how quickly they can learn the basics. Thank you for a great product at a wonderfully inexpensive price!!"
-- Katie Darden, California


"I just want to congratulate you on inventing the Grapho-Deck. I have been getting a 80% - 100% accuracy approval rating from just the cards... they are incredible."
-- Carmine Alessandro, Tuloka Lake, CA

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Bart Baggett, Author and Lead Trainer
Maryann Redhead, Director
admin @ myhandwriting.com



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