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Aggressive and Argumentative


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Violence and Aggression

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Aggressive and Argumentative

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Aggressive and argumentative are normally thought of as negative traits.  If you host a radio or television show you may enjoy someone who is argumentative.  If you were a boxer, football player or hockey player you may enjoy having the aggressive trait.

Ask yourself, "Do I really want this in my life?"  Do I want someone I'm dating to have the aggressive trait?  Do I want them to be argumentative? On the other hand, if I am putting together a world class debate team, these might be traits I want someone to have.

Aggression is physical in nature, while argumentative is aggression shown verbally.

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Each card of the Graphodeck gives you the stroke, the corresponding personality trait and a description of the behavior and sometimes clues to a metaphor. It's a good idea to come up with several of your own metaphors for each of the basic strokes when discussing personality. It can only help you to become a better handwriting analyst.


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