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Today's Video Feature:

"Advanced Primary Traits Part 1: Introduction"

with Bart Baggett


Weekly Strokes Newsletter

In this edition...

"Advanced Primary Traits Part 1: Introduction"

with Bart Baggett


1. FEATURE SEGMENT: Advanced Primary Traits Part 1: Introduction...

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Handwriting courses on special this week...

Here's what our students are saying about the advanced course...


"Advanced Primary Traits Part 1: Introduction"

with Bart Baggett

You've taken your first course in handwriting analysis and you carry the graphodeck wherever you go. You analyze friends and family members handwriting and maybe even started to make a career out of it. Now you want to know...what other traits, formations and strokes are out there. Well, we've been working on presenting you with just that.

In the Advanced Handwriting Analysis Home Study Course you'll find dozens of new advanced primary traits you've never seen or heard of before. You'll also learn how to recognize patterns and interpret formations and recurring strokes even when you initially don't know what they mean. Once you've mastered identifying the 70+ primary traits (found in the level 3 Certification Course), and these new advanced traits, you can then start to stack traits to find hundreds of various personality styles that would otherwise remain hidden to the amateur analyst.

In today's video segment, Bart Baggett will show you several new advanced traits and how to view them for later use in trait stacking.

If you are ready to move to the next level of handwriting analysis, this video clip is for you!

It sounds confusing at first...but you'll get the hang of it.

Check out this graphic page from the new "Advanced Trait Dictionary" and this video segment taken directly from the new DVD series:
Advanced Handwriting Analysis Home Study Course.

This video clip is one small section of
our entire DVD/ CD home study course.
Visit this link to order the entire seminar on DVD and CD.

If you missed the Advanced Handwriting Analysis Conference live in Dallas, TX is a sneak preview of that amazing conference and what you will experience from the DVD video home study course (now shipping).

It's a sneak preview because we've packaged a complete set of lectures from our June conference into the Advanced Handwriting Analysis Home Study Course, including 8 DVD's with supporting materials and the long awaited dictionary of advanced traits.

It's time to expand your handwriting analysis knowledge and skills in the areas of counseling, block printing, hiring and screening, criminal tendencies, physical and mental health, as well as advanced traits, stoke formations and trait stacking.

The Advanced Handwriting Analysis Home Study Course...

...includes some of the best live lectures such as Health in Handwriting, Hiring and Screening, Making Money with Handwriting Analysis, Handwriting for Counselors and Hypnotists....and much more.

Plus, Bart Baggett's long awaited dynamic lectures on Advanced Primary Traits, Trait Stacking and Stroke Formations.

Get your copy at

Look for more advanced topics taken from the Advanced Handwriting Analysis Home Study Course in upcoming newsletters and teleclasses.

New To Handwriting Analysis!

If you are not already one of our students and would like to learn more about handwriting analysis - here are a few ways you can get started.

Handwriting 101 is our basic course and gives you all the tools you need to begin analyzing handwriting right away.

For more description visit us at...

Want a quicker way to get started?

Lots of our students start with the best tool ever created for getting up to speed quick....the Grapho Deck Handwriting Trait Cards by Bart Baggett. With over 50 detailed trait cards you'll learn basic strokes and traits in a flash. You can even take them with you wherever you do handwriting analysis. No one will mind. They'll be having so much fun learning with you...they may even want a deck of their own.

Each card of the graphodeck gives you the stroke, the corresponding personality trait and a description of the behavior.

Here's a sample card to peak your interest!

Comments From Students:

Donalyn Alexander

Carlo Pineda
Los Angeles, CA

Other video testimonials can be viewed here.

“This seminar provides every tool necessary to move forward from wherever you might be right now to where you want to go. I was amazed at how much was taught in addition to the handwriting analysis. Wow! You must do this for yourself, and everyone you care about. I look forward to being a better me.”
—Sharon R. Hampton,
Reflexology and Handwriting Analyst, Noblesville, IN

Dear Bart and Curtis,

Thank you. There is no way to fully express my gratitude
for this seminar. I think it came at just the right time. I am
very excited that I will be able to help people. I have
finally found my niche.

Anyone considering taking this course, should stop
considering it and DO IT! I'm thrilled in knowing I go
home with so much more than ever before.

Kim Brown, Private Investigator
Hyde Park, Utah, USA


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Maryann Redhead, Director
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